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Dual channel

Dual channel test bench Diesel Easy BlueBench for testing of Common Rail injectors.

A miracle of engineering.

Coupled with our Diesel Easy Software BlueBench (Dual channel) has unlimited posobilities

Working pressure up
to 2400 Bar

Flow-through measurement system

Simultaneous check or coding of two injectors

Diesel Easy Software operating system

Test plans for Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Siemens and Caterpillar injectors

Coding of Bosch (IMA,ISA), Denso(QR), Delphi (C2I, C3I, C4I) and Siemens (IIC) injectors

ABB power plant
4 kW

Automated and manual checking of electromagnetic and piezoelectric injectors

Common Rail cargo injectors testing

Custom test plans in automatic testing mode

Multilevel test fluid filtration system, which provide longer service life of the device' hydraulic and measuring systems

Extra quality high pressure tubes to ensure bench tests at up to 2500 Bar pressure and minimize the pressure fluctuations

The device constructions uses components utilized by high-end industry specialists (ABB, Mitsubishi)

Reliable precision flow meters (developed in Japan)

Flexible editing system for reports allows you to conveniently storing and organizing them

Ergonomic design, ease of use, high-quality housing materials


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Бесплатное практическое обучение ремонту форсунок в действующем дизельном сервисе в г. Санкт-Петербург

Длительный срок работы стенда без отказа оборудования, доступность и простота сервисного обслуживания

Delivery set

*Delivery set may differ

BlueBench (Dual channel)

Cable set (for each channel)

Fuel receiver housing nuts, high pressure nozzles

Return adapters

Small filters wrench

Power cable

Touch Screen monitor, keyboard, mouse, WiFi antenna 2,4 GHz

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