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Even more capabilities

in smaller package

Now our device is even more presciscion and powerful, so we called it Express Tester PLUS

Professional device designed for testing and calibration of electromagnetic and piezoelectric injectors Common Rail

Coupled with our Diesel Easy Software Express Tester Plus has unlimited posobilities

Activation of piezoelectric and solenoid injectors with controllable signal form (current, AC/DC)

Sending a single long-lasting signal to armature stroke (AHE) measurement, has a sizes database

Sending of a single long-lasting signal with smooth current change for piezoelectric element range measurements

Determine of activation and deactivation currents of solenoid injectors

Sending of a single long-lasting 100V signal, with creation of the diagram of the piezoelectric element Impendency changing in time

Determine inductance for both input control and regulation

Determine the capacity of the piezoelectric element. Important feature for piezoelectric injectors diagnostic

Detect breakdown of the electromagnet or piezoelectric element on the housing in the range from 100V up to 500V

Determine AC and DC impendency within frequency range from 100 Hz up to 100 kHZ

Set dispenser's opening pressure

Determine leakage of the injector by pressure drop

Working process doesn't require connection to additional computer or reports printing

Delivery set

*Delivery set may differ

Express Tester PLUS

Express Tester PLUS diagnostic kit

Printer for reports

Touch Screen monitor,
keyboard, mouse

Cable Set

Express Tester PLUS rail

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